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Leather Currying Information


At the currier's shop, the leather will go through stages where the currier's technique has been proven over time and this is what makes our leather so unique. Firstly, the leather will be physically stretched by one of the staff using hand slickers to remove as many growth marks as possible.  Next will be the drying stages of the process where each piece will be hung at room temperature for around three to four days.

After drying, the leather is checked by the expert eyes of quality checkers who are able to determine its best-intended purpose and can then be sorted accordingly. Depending on which colour is chosen, the colour sprayers will apply the necessary quantity of spray before hanging up for drying. The last two techniques used in the currying phase is greasing and pebbling. Grease is applied by hand and once completed is left to dry until it has penetrated the grain. Finally, the pebbling process can take place to fully set the grease in the grain ready for a final hand brush to polish.

The art of currying craftsmanship has been passed on through generations of this trade and so each treatment applied has the genuine quality attention given every time. Because of this attention, all four company brands hold a strong presence in the leather markets worldwide, increasing their international rapport and reputation for British Leather.


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